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According to Sky information, Borussia Dortmund is on the verge of signing Nico Schlutbeck. After Niklas Sule, the Freiburg player will be the second known defensive commitment of the new season. Sky displays the various defense models of the BVB.

distance sky Schlutterbeek promised Borussia to transfer him at the end of last week. The 24-year-old must sign a contract until the summer of 2027 and receive an annual salary of around 4.5 million euros. The transfer of Bayern Munich star Niklas Sule is already official. Defenders from the German Football Association can form a defensive duo not only in the national team but also in black and yellow from next season.

In addition to the two, deputy captain Mats Hummels is an important factor in coach Marco Rose’s defense. The experienced world champion from 2014 is also planned for next year – unlike two of his teammates. In addition to Dan Axel Zagado, who is likely to leave the club on a free transfer in the summer, Manuel Akanji is also close.

Schlutterbeek’s commitment is another indication of a departure, which will also be necessary this summer to pump money into Dortmund’s coffers once again. The Swiss contract expires after the 2022/2023 season – probably the last chance to get a decent transfer fee. So how does BVB plan?

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According to Sky information, Konrad Laimer (Leipzig) and Xaver Schlager (Wolfsburg) are also on the transfer list for Borussia Dortmund (video length: 1:08 min).

Possibility 1: Four returns with seasoned pros

Coach Rose’s desired lineup is likely to be the back four, with Hummels also playing a regular alongside new-ranked player Süle. The 33-year-old will likely have to fight Schlotterbeck for the spot next to Noch-Bayer Süle. If Hummels show good preparation, cannons shouldn’t be cut so fast.

However, the Eredivisie leaders are unlikely to find themselves on the bench again and again. It has been clear since last weekend that Lions and Yellows will be in the Champions League for the seventh time in a row next year. So a rotation on the defensive is a sure thing. As full-back, the BVB will likely rely on Thomas Meunier, who will then be fit again, on the right and great spirit Raphael Guerrero on the left.

Defensive lineup: Meunier – Süle, Hummels – Guerreiro

Possibility 2: He plays Schlutterbeek, Ruth makes a breakthrough

The defensive second row is quickly explained: If Hummels doesn’t convince his pre-season coach, Schlotterbeck could crash faster than currently expected. The new ball hitter has high ambitions and is Hummels’ logical successor or alternative due to his safety passes and good turn in the game.

Another mind game can be used to spice up this lineup. If Guerreiro’s BVB is offered a high transfer fee, Dortmund could become weak given the contract that expires in 2023. Then you can become active in the market again – or give young Tom Roth a chance. With Nico Schulz barely represented by eleven substitutes and a new signature left-back not yet presented, Ruth has created him in this lineup for the time being.

Defensive lineup: Meunier – Süle, Schlotterbeck – Rothe

Option 3: A series of three or five people with a concentrated DFB force

Although the four defensive backs fit Rose’s idea of ​​football better, the contrast will also play a role for the BVB next season. Dortmund can play in a three-man or five-man series in select matches, as they recently did against Wolfsburg in the FL. The DFB Süle / Hummels / Schlotterbeck trio will form the center of the defence.

While Süle, who was used as a right-back at Bayern Munich, will be at home in the right position, experienced Hummels is the Libero in the middle. On the left then there will be no substitute for the left-footed Schlutterbeek. As in the defense quadrant, rail players Meunier and Guerreiro are in the outermost positions. The latter in particular will certainly benefit from more freedom in the game in the future.

In addition, the BVB can refer to the VfL team and install Marius Wolf on the right and Rothe on the left. Ruth is used to playing a Pott-Klub U19 defense quad, but the new and purposeful Wolfsburg Schützenfest could also find his role in a defense five. The same goes for Wolff, who has shown an upward streak over the past few weeks. As of now, however, the duo is planned as a rotation option and to compensate for potential failures.

Defensive lineup: Meunier – Süle, Hummels, Schlotterbeck – Guerreiro

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