Who is eligible to subscribe to Amazon Prime?

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world – you can quickly become addicted to shopping there. With a Prime membership, you not only save on shipping costs, but you also get many additional services. But when is a Prime subscription really worth it?

Germans seem to love shopping on Amazon, because the online retailer is also undisputedly number one in this country. No wonder, with the huge display. With a Prime subscription, Amazon offers its customers a special offer that combines free shipping and additional services like Prime Music and Prime Video. This free shipping can be especially useful for shopping events like Black Friday. But Amazon Prime isn’t worth it.

Amazon is more than just a mail order company. The company manufactures its own devices and provides various services. For example, you can use the platform to stream movies and music, read books and magazines, save photos and files in the cloud, order fresh groceries as you would from the supermarket, and much more. Much of it can be used with individual subscriptions or with an Amazon Prime membership.

After a price increase in 2017, Amazon Prime now costs €69 per year. This earns €5.75 per month which is much cheaper than opting for the €7.99 monthly payment. Students pay only €34 per year (about €2.83 per month) and get the first year for free, but without Prime Music and without a Kindle lending library during the trial period. But is subscribing to Amazon Prime really worth it? We have summarized the advantages:

free shipping

The main argument for Amazon Prime fees is free priority shipping. In most cases, not only standard shipping is free (other than only €29 of the shipping value), but also premium shipping with next business day delivery. It is important that the Prime logo appears next to the product price.

Anyone who shops a lot on Amazon will benefit from about 23 orders per year. However, this cannot be calculated exactly, since shipping is generally free from 29 euros. Here, however, the next day delivery is also missing. A detailed list of shipping costs on Amazon can be found here.

Stream movies, series and music

If you love to stream from the internet, you can also get your money’s worth with an Amazon Prime subscription. In addition to the thousands of movies, documentaries, and some exclusive series that are included in the subscription for free, existing movies can be rented for an additional fee, usually between 3.99 and 4.99 euros. Time and time again, Amazon also offers customers rented movies with a Prime subscription for just 99 cents. Although the Netflix competitor offers more options, it costs more per month.

Amazon Music music service is also included, although it’s a limited flat price with more 2 million songs, curated playlists and personal radio. Music can be heard both online and offline. Compared to services like Spotify and Apple Music, the fixed price included in the Prime subscription is much smaller and doesn’t even offer as many songs and artists. The range has grown in recent years, so music lovers can also use the included service at their cost.

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If you want full access to more than 40 million songs, you have to pay an additional 7.99 € per month or 79 € per year on Amazon. In this case, it’s still cheaper than the competition, which usually charges €9.99 and offers a similar set of functions.

Read books and magazines

The Prime Reading service included with your Amazon Prime subscription has been around for a few years. Hundreds of books, newspapers, magazines and comics can be read not only on Kindle devices, but also on Android and Apple iOS devices. A special reading application that makes consumption easier. With this service in particular, one can easily be tempted to purchase other books and magazines for an additional fee.

Free games with Amazon Prime subscription

What used to be Twitch Prime is now Prime Gaming. Anyone who is a Prime member of Amazon can also access the Twitch gaming platform. There, customers regularly receive in-game bonuses, so-called loots, and free games for PC for their money. In addition, you will not receive advertisements while broadcasting on Twitch.tv.

Upload photos, videos, and documents to the cloud

Amazon also offers cloud storage with Prime and announces that members can upload an unlimited number of photos in order to access them anywhere and anytime online. In addition, 5 GB of memory is available for videos and documents for free.

Will Amazon replace the supermarket soon?

Amazon Fresh is also available exclusively to customers with a Prime subscription. This is an online supermarket for groceries that can still be delivered on the same day. However, there is a delivery fee, which on Amazon Fresh is currently €1.99 instead of €3.99 per delivery. From the purchase value of €80, delivery costs are waived.

By the way, Amazon has other advantages that Prime customers offer. Here are six little-known services included in membership:


Amazon offers a full suite of savings and special services for customers with a Prime subscription. However, it is only worth the 69€ annual fee if you already use it. Anyone who orders at least one product per month from Amazon on average, streams a movie or series from time to time, likes to listen to music that doesn’t have to be sophisticated and maybe browses online books and magazines from time to time will get their money’s worth. Bargain hunters also take advantage of so-called lightning deals and premium days by arriving 30 minutes earlier than regular customers.

If you already have Netflix and Spotify accounts and shop cheaper elsewhere through price comparison portals, you won’t benefit from Amazon Prime.

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