They work together to help children

95 years at Lintfort Gymnastics
They work together to help children

Lintforter Turnverein and Stadtsportverband work closely with the city – both on open work for children and youth and, more recently, on spontaneous aid campaigns.

It is enough to make a phone call: when the first children who fled Ukraine arrived in Kamp-Lintfort, Ulrik Plett, managing director of the Lintfort Gymnastics Club, acted on the spot. She launched her network with an appeal for donations of schoolbags, pens, pencils and exercise books to give children a good start at school in the dormitory. She delivered the donated materials to the Youth Welfare Office. “There is a lot of strength and social commitment at Lintforter Gymnastics. I trusted the support and was not disappointed,” says Lydia Kyriakido, the head of the Youth Welfare Office, Ulrike Platt and asked for help. “This is what makes our collaboration so vital,” says Lydia Kyriakido.

Encouraging children and young people and enabling them to develop well is the basis of cooperation between the Club and the City, with the City Sports Federation participating as a third partner for many years. “It is important that all forces are assembled and coordinated so that refugees and aides feel comfortable and care gets to where it is needed,” says Ulrike Plitt, explaining why Lintforter Gymnastics Club members speak about the club’s life’s contribution to the urban community.

We work closely with the Youth Welfare Office, sometimes culminating in spontaneous acts like this. We give back to society what it gives us. The cooperation is not limited to children who have fled Ukraine. When the Corona pandemic led to the closure, LTV tried to continue to enable and implement open child and youth work in a responsible manner. “Make Fit” was the title of last year’s new format that made online physical education available for girls and boys at home.

“All children, regardless of whether they were LTV members or not, were able to participate,” reports Ulrike Plitt, who is also responsible for public relations for the association. The Gymnastics Club and the City Sports Club, like other Kamp-Lintfort clubs, have proven to be reliable partners of the city as part of many projects in the open field of children and youth work. “We have currently placed orders for 54 projects – from day trips to tournaments,” says Lydia Kyriakido. These are projects that are rarely in the public eye, but are important for children.

“It spreads through word of mouth,” says Manfred Klesa, president of the city’s sports federation. He and his team are currently preparing for the children’s vacation days in the summer. “Without this great voluntary commitment, such projects would not have been possible. They are very important for the souls of children,” emphasizes the head of the Youth Welfare Office. Two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the demand for sports activity increased. “Kids have to do some catching up. This is why so many parents turn to us,” says Klesa. Another example of successful collaboration is the “Midnight Sports” project in the school centre. When a popular meeting place for young people formed there in the evening hours, the idea of ​​opening the gym on Fridays from 10 pm to midnight came – with success. The offer was well received.

The three partners already have the following joint project in the pipeline: World Children’s Day will be celebrated at Camp Linfort for the first time. A program is planned for September 18 in which sport will be an integral part. Lots of commitment resonates: Barbara Dries, as Deputy Mayor, supports voluntary commitment at LTV. “This is a matter close to my heart. In monetary terms, this cannot be described in words.”

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