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The father is a world champion in handball, the daughter plays in the regional league and the sons are talented in soccer. Marcus Bauer passed on his enthusiasm for the sport to his children.

It was the 2007 winter fairy tale: Germany became the world handball champion in its own country, led by Marcus Bauer of Meersburg. The TBV Lemgo player at the time not only celebrated success with his team, but his eight-year-old daughter Kiara was a part of it. With her on his shoulders, Bauer enjoyed the greatest moment of his career. “It was great to be there,” he said on SWR Sport Baden-Württemberg.

Marcus Bauer celebrates the 2007 World Championships with his daughter Chiara.

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Marcus Bauer is one of the most successful German handball players

With 712 goals in 228 international matches, Marcus Bauer is one of Germany’s most successful handball players. In addition to the 2007 World Cup, he also won the 2004 European Championship with the DHB team, at club level Bauer had his most successful time with TPV Lego. In 2003 he won the German championship with East Westphalia and in 2006 he won the FA Cup. After the end of his career, Bauer worked as a coach, including at Lemgo, Lübbecke and Stuttgart.

Awesome sports family

Marcus Bohr was able to pass on his enthusiasm for the sport to his descendants. In addition to sports such as tennis, skiing and snowboarding, the three children also found their passion for team sports. Born in 1999, Chiara is the eldest child in the family, and besides her studies, she plays handball for the third-division team TV Nlingen. Marcus was a little surprised because she started handball at the time: “She wasn’t really interested in it for the first eight years,” he says.

The two sons of the family took a different path. Mika and Kimi do not play the ball with their hands, but with their feet. Younger Kimi is currently active in FC Radolfzell’s Si-Jugend club and is part of a support group in SC Freiburg. His brother Mika plays there in the U19 team and is one of the best performing players in the team. In 18 matches, the attacking player scored seven goals and three assists. Thanks to his good performance, he reached the national under-18 team.

Son Mika made his debut at SC Freiburg II

In January, Mika made his debut for Freiburg’s third tier side, scoring his first professional league goal in a 3-2 loss to Magdeburg in his first match. Mika also wants to go there for the long haul. Mika noticed early on that he preferred soccer to his father’s sport: “I used to play a little handball. But that wasn’t for me. I’m not the best either,” Mika explains with a smile in an interview with SWR Sport.

Burr’s name: Burden?

After all, with Chiara the child of Bure remained faithful to handball. Due to the prominent family name, her expectations were too high. Not only from the outside, but above all from Chiara herself. “I was pushing myself. I wanted to do it justice a little bit,” she admits at SWR Sport BW

Even away from the gym, Chiara is often asked about her father. It was especially stressful for Kiara in 2009 when her father was on vacation as a coach at TBV Lemgo. At school, she was constantly asked about her father in the hallway, which annoyed her very much. “I went straight home,” Chiara remembers. “It was really bad for me.” These events are now a thing of the past. Chiara is a key player at TV Nellingen. Marcus Bauer comments on his daughter’s accomplishments: “She has a great feel and works hard.”

Nothing works without mom

Also thanks to Marcus and his wife Marion, the family’s enthusiasm for sports did not lead to any problems. She works as a teacher. During her husband’s active career, she took care of the children a lot. “She had to work without much and she took a lot from me,” Bauer says.

Kimmy now only lives in the family home in Meimenhausen, one of Salem counties. As a result, children rarely see each other. “It will be difficult for all of us to meet. Mika is in Freiburg, Kimi is at home and I am in Stuttgart,” explains Chiara. When everyone is home, they go out for ice cream or go skiing together. Sports play a huge role in the Bohr family.

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