The new iPhone operating system: What we know about iOS 16 so far

What’s next for iPhone iOS? With the start of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which begins on June 6, iOS 16 is expected to be presented. Apple will hold the presentation almost again.

Brand new is one of the best kept secrets in Cupertino, California. Here is an overview of what has been leaked so far before WWDC 2022 about ‘Sydney’ – the internal codename.

Although Apple only visually fixed notifications in iOS 15, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman, another major change is coming. No other details have yet been announced. Among other things, the overview was introduced in iOS 15, which summarizes the non-urgent notifications.

According to Apple, the health app should be a kind of control center for all health topics. Rumor has it that new features will be introduced in iOS 16. This includes the expansion of sleep tracking. Apple introduced this two years ago. However, third-party applications have so far offered a much larger set of functions. The improved health app should also enable users to store drug dosage plan for the future. There should be new health jobs especially for women.

According to 9to5Mac, the focus mode should be expanded. Introduced in 2021, this feature allows users to decide if and which notifications should be shown. There are ways to sleep, free time, and work, among others. Users can also set their own files. The iPhone can optionally change the mode itself. However, some still see the need for improvement here.

Significant design change, as last seen in 2013 with iOS 7, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gorman does not expect this, referring to his sources at Apple.

However, given other rumors, there may be minor but significant changes. Twitter user “LeaksApplePro” already showed an image of the modified gadgets back in January. Previously in iOS, the developers had no way to put the controls inside it. This is set to change with iOS 16, which will also greatly affect the look.

Four years after introducing fall detection on the Apple Watch, Apple could introduce car crash detection that takes advantage of the underlying principle with the iPhone 14, according to the Wall Street Journal. If the sensors detect an effect, the iPhone will automatically issue an emergency call.

Statements that Apple can change the display of the status bar at the top of the iPhone are classified as too vague. This is based on the assumption that the iPhone 14 will be presented in the fall, which is done without the previous cut in the screen, the so-called notch, and therefore will save more space. So far, information about mobile reception, WLAN reception strength and battery charge level has been shown to the left and right of the notch.

Also for a suspicious function in the iPhone 14, there is speculation that Apple could offer an emergency call via satellite. This should allow iPhones to send text messages without receiving the cell phone to call for help in an emergency.

It is unlikely that Apple will officially reveal the suspected augmented reality functionality or virtual reality glasses with iOS 16. Recently there has been talk that the device will not be launched before the end of the year. However, experts expect iOS 16 to be a treasure trove of clues that will provide more detailed information about exactly what Apple is planning.

Year after year, users of older iPhones worry about whether they will even get the next version of iOS for their devices.

Rumors say that iOS 16 will require at least the A10 chip from 2016. This means that the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the first iPhone SE will not be supported.

As usual, iOS 16 will likely be available as a first developer beta after the June 6 presentation. The final release is expected in the fall. Even users without developer access have been able to try out the new software up front at their own risk in the context of a public beta release in recent years.

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