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Robin Hood Like You’ve Never Seen It Before: Here’s what the producers have promised the musical Promise, which premieres in Fulda this summer. International superstar Chris de Berg has worked on the music for a new interpretation of the famous legend.

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Singer and composer Chris de Berg at the beginning of rehearsals for the Robin Hood musical in Fulda

Singer and composer Chris de Berg at the beginning of rehearsals for the Robin Hood musical in Fulda

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Actors, producer and musician Chris de Berg had to wait a long time for this moment: Rehearsals for the new musical “Robin Hood” began in Fulda on Tuesday.

The famous medieval epic should be presented in 2020. But it should not be twice – because of Corona. Well, on the third attempt, you should succeed: after several previews, the premiere of the play on stage at the Palace Theater was planned for June 3.

The music decisively shaped by de Burgh

With Chris de Berg (“Lady in Red”), a real-world star contributes parts of the music. The in-house rock and pop singer-songwriter gives glimpses of the piece. Among other things, he contributed several lead songs and had a decisive influence on the piece’s music, as producer Peter Schulz explained at the start of Tuesday’s rehearsals.

De Burgh was able to bring out all of his enormous potential. “It was absolutely the right decision to work with him,” Schultz said. Musically, de Berg is actually at home in another world, in the music business. The 73-year-old Irishman said in an interview with hr, “Yes, it’s a completely different kind. I usually create three- to four-minute pop songs. But I really enjoyed the challenge.”

Chris de Berg

The risk is rewarded

For the makers of Fulda’s music, this collaboration was also a risk. “It wasn’t clear at first if this would ever work. It’s not our profession,” said composer Dennis Martin, “but it worked marvelously. His collaboration greatly increased the musical range.” Me and the others that we did together,” Martin said. The two musicians spent months creating the Robin Hood musical.

De Burgh was also involved in developing the story. “This was especially important to him,” Martin revealed. “For us, given the many adaptations of the story, it was important to develop our own story. In Fulda, you will experience Robin Hood like you’ve never seen him before.”

Fight for freedom again

The producers promise an “entirely new and independent interpretation of the myth. Action, suspense and romance” must be combined into an “exciting theatrical adventure”.

Regarding the current conflicts in the world and the war in Ukraine, producer Schulze said: “None of us would have thought that something like the struggle for freedom would suddenly become the topic of the hour again.”

At the center of the play is the hero who bears his name, Robin Hood, who fights oppression with his comrades in the woods of Nottingham and gains the love of Lady Marian in the process. Due to the large number of performances, this role is embodied by many actors. The premiere is set to be attended by Mark Seibert, one of the most sought-after musical actors in the German-speaking world.

The hero as a conflicting character

It will also give Frederick Rao an avenger of the underprivileged. He has already starred in several musical productions in Fulda and is looking forward to his comeback. “Our Robin Hood – that’s the dream role because he’s a dashing and conflicted character at first. He started out as a huge idiot – arrogant, apathetic and drinking his own filth. He’s not a likable person. But his personality changes, and the perception of this development is of course attractive.”

Portrait of a young man among others

As of mid-October, there were 177 performances in the 680-seat Palace Theater on the Mammoth Program—a record for Fulda musicians. The musical will then be shown from December 10 to January 7, 2023 at the Hamelin Theater (Lower Saxony).

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Music in Fulda

Culturally, Fulda has also developed into a musical city in recent years. Spotlight producers have consistently produced plays that have drawn tens of thousands of spectators to theater season after season. The national achievement came with “Pope Juan” (2011). This was followed by pieces based on the influence of recognition of a well-known model or character: “Friedrich – Legend and Tragedy” (2012), “Treasure Island” (2015) and “The Doctor” (2016).

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