Sports chief Becker believes ‘one hundred percent’ in Dynamo Dresden relegation

Dresden. In an interview published by Dynamo TV on Wednesday, sporting director Ralph Becker clearly criticized Dynamo Dresden’s 1:2 performance at Sandhausen. Swabian decried the hesitant fencing behavior and lack of fitness on the part of the Dresden players in the first 60 minutes at Hardtwaldt Stadium: “We didn’t present ourselves well there, you have to address that publicly. If we don’t change that and we don’t present ourselves differently in the next few weeks, it will be very difficult.” Achieving our goal.” “The team may be young, but they have to now” roll up their sleeves and throw in, Becker said.


Baker defends transport policy

Born in Leonberger, he understood the team’s criticism. This is normal “if you don’t win the 2022 game”. “We don’t play well in the second half of the season,” Becker admitted publicly. He can understand that the fans are angry at the way the players presented themselves for an hour in the important duel at Sandhausen. But the manager also made it clear that despite all the frustration you have to look forward now, the situation in the table still offers a chance to save you from relegation: “Two years ago we had a situation where we were doing everything for him. Get on the pitch where we are now.” . “I’m not in a position ‘where you can give up,'” Baker said.

The sporting director demanded the Kickers, in their next home game (Saturday, 1.30pm) against his former club Holstein Kiel – where he successfully worked in the same job from 2016 to 2018 – score a hat-trick: “We all just need it another win to feel that way. “Self-confidence has suffered greatly in the winning streak since mid-December and urgently needs to be rebuilt.

At the same time, Baker defended his transfer policy, which also aroused a lot of criticism. Getting a lot of young players and letting them play with a few experienced players was a conscious approach to building something in Dresden for the long term: “It worked out really well last year in the third division. We are now in a situation where we have real problems, Where all the ideas we tried to use to correct something in the winter didn’t work.” But the path we took is the right one, and we must continue it: “We will too.”

‘A little luck’ was missing

Becker admitted that winter newcomers Vaclav Drachal, Oliver Batista Mayer, Adrian Wien and Marius Lesgang did not meet all expectations: “Not all the decisions we made were feasible.” This is a fact, now you have to make the best of the situation: “We have enough quality to solve this task. Now we just have to deal with them together and make our young players strong.” He is very happy to have Captain Tim Knipping back on the field as a true captain. Baker said the team had been missing the experienced defender for a long time.

The 51-year-old official also defended the work of new coach Guerino Capretti. The German-Italian, succeeding Alexander Schmidt, works excellently in a team and “takes everyone with him”. The under-40 matches were mostly good: “Maybe us, he didn’t have that much luck to win.” Baker explained that he watches a lot of training sessions. His conclusion from this is clear: “I am happy that ‘Renault’ is the coach here and I will support him.”

Dynamo training for the match against Kiel

Becker reiterated that in the remaining five matches, Dynamo must above all regain certainty about their ability to win matches. He avoided setting a specific point for the final stage of the season. You looked at 15th from the start, but now you have to expect to be a little below that rating and you have to play in the relegation zone: “If in the end we happen to play this relegation, we will play with it. Play with complete confidence.” Becker confirmed, “He is convinced. 100 per cent that we will be a second tier team next year.”

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