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2070 will…

… “More crazier than we can imagine.”

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Under the heading “Everything is just science fiction! Or isn’t it?” On October 4th, citizens will discover how much truth is in fiction.

Famous science fiction authors such as Dr. Karlheinz & Angela Steinmüller, Theresa Hannig, Dr. At the evening online event, Bernd Fleisner will present co-developed future scenarios.

The year 2070. A world full of geniuses: Lisa-Eda, a former climate immigrant, encounters a highly improved society where people are “qualified in the lab.” Despite her predisposition across social media, she has had a huge culture shock. The company of intellectual geniuses overshadows her and her craft talent is considered exotic. How does it still find its place in this society where different values ​​prevail than they did 50 years ago?

14 science fiction writers wrote the story of Lisa Ida who developed a total of six future scenarios in a workshop as part of strategic foresight. Strategic Foresight (Foresight Process) is an important tool for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to obtain guiding knowledge about possible future social and technological developments at an early stage.

“Science fiction shows us where the present slips. Answer: Science fiction holds a mirror to contemporary society Dr. Karlheinz and Angela Steinmüller To the question of the importance of science fiction (Sci-Fi) to our society. The pair have been writing science fiction novels since 1980. Several of her works have received awards, including the 2021 Kurd Laßwitz Prize for Best German-Language Story. Views of Mars.

In the virtual evening event, they presented scenarios from the workshop with others science fiction book Before:

  • Theresa Hanning: benefactors (2017), incomplete (2019), king and master (2021)
  • Dr. Bernd Fleisner: Lemuel’s End: Mysterious Stories (2001), Singles (2009)

The objective of the workshop and evening event: an open dialogue with citizens about our future lives. Because the future affects us all. Participants presented similarities, but also differences between science fiction and forward-looking strategy (insight) Outside.

“In times of complex environments and structural uncertainty, insights must increasingly open up to thought experiments and speculative futures. Science fiction can provide a very important impetus here—and contribute to ‘future thinking'” Dr. Christian Grunwald. He is a member of the BMBF’s Future Bureau and runs the event with Andrea Thilo. The Future Office conducts scientific studies within the framework of strategic foresight and advises the BMBF on future directions.

Dealing with speculative futures described in the six scenarios gives a new impetus to the foresight process.

On October 4th, ethical questions about the use of biotechnology and genetic engineering are in focus as climate-friendly geoengineering, dangerous over-optimization, or – classic – encounters with extraterrestrial civilizations. If you’re just curious, you can join for free using this link.

2070 will…

The couple said… “More crazier than we can imagine” Dr. Karlheinz and Angela Steinmüller. Award-winning science fiction author Theresa Hanning He adds: “In 2070, the majority of those who read this will not survive. But the consequences of our actions today will still be felt.” Dr. Bernd Fleisner: “The year 2070 will be very different than we think.”

We are happy to order more quotes or interviews With the authors for you. Moreover graphic recordings One of the scenarios we can provide for your report.

Personal Photos From the authors can be found attached. Share pics The event can be downloaded here. The hashtag is # persistence.

More information about the program can be found here.

About strategic foresight:

For the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), strategic foresight is an important tool for obtaining guiding knowledge about possible future social and technological developments at an early stage. The goal is to set the right course for future challenges at an early stage. For this purpose, the so-called future group is appointed: 16 experts from different disciplines advise the BMBF on future directions. In addition to the department of the future, there is a futuristic office that has the task of researching trends and topics that may be important in the future systematically and using scientific methods. The insight results also provide citizens with good guidance for the future.

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