Netflix looks at the rise and fall of Abercrombie & Fitch

Young, skinny and white – the aesthetic was the former owner of fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch, who dominated youth culture for a decade. Netflix will soon bring back the A&F era with a new documentary.

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It all began in midtown Manhattan in 1892 when David Abercrombie opened a fishing tackle store. He befriended regular client Ezra Fitch, to whom he later sold half the business.

This was followed by the renaming to Abercrombie & Fitch. Under a string of other CEOs, the brand faced a financial meltdown in 1977.

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But that wasn’t the end of the brand—what followed was the big breakthrough. Not with the parts you need to fish, but with fashion. Young fashion – and questionable marketing strategies.

Dominant fragrance – and ABS models

One of them was the ventilation system, which was making sure that the shop smelled of the fragrant fragrance of the house in and around the shop. So you can actually smell the scent from a distance that you’ll pass a store soon. Once inside, you were greeted by the under-dressed abs models, who made the clothes look dwarfed. Anyway, you can hardly see anything in the shops because of the dim lighting.

Photo: cornerstone

In the event of poisoning with pungent fragrance and peculiar sizes (triple zero, that is, very, very, very small), either hold it right away – or immediately evaporate.

The hype did not last long. Today, the deer logo brand is just a shadow of itself; A series of headlines and negative scandals ensured more and more stores were closing – and the brand went out of fashion. According to Statista, in 2015, the company had 379 stores worldwide, and in 2021 there were only 224.

Young, delicate and white

In 2003, the company raised two scandals. The brand was accused of racism and hourly wages that were below the legal minimum wage. In 2006, CEO Mike Jeffries was criticized for saying that fashion is only for “handsome, skinny people”. He is said to have hired his staff according to this scheme. The most recent scandal occurred in 2010 when the company was accused of using child labor in the garment industry.

A new documentary on Netflix soon will look at all the scandals and the sharp rise and fall of the fashion empire. It also focuses on the marketing strategies that have dominated youth culture for more than a decade. “It was such a huge blast. You wouldn’t have been cool without Abercrombie,” says model Ryan Dharsh in the movie trailer.

The film is being produced by director Allison Klayman and is expected to include dozens of interviews with industry insiders, former A&F employees, executives and models. Titled White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch, the documentary will be released on Netflix on April 19, 2022.


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