Jacket: How to get your sword and shield

Tonk is a difficult game. It starts with the fact that you start without any weapon at first. The first meter you have to help yourself with a stick. But of course no hero in a green jacket could have an adventure without a sword and shield. So this is a practical start on how to get your sword and shield quickly. This is especially useful because you can even miss the shield.

Sweater: Find Sword and Shield – Content

After starting, walk north to the first storage statue. Save, then move to the left where you will find a golden key on the floor.

Sitra: Here lies the key to the door to the hero’s tomb.

With that, go back to the statue, turn south again, go down the stairs twice, then to the sign that says east and on hero grave A picture of a sword. On the right is the door that you can open with the key.

You come to an open treasure chest, go up the ladder up here and walk among the trees along the hidden path to the southwest – the treasure chest!

Then back up, up the second ladder, down the stairs for the next chest and then up again, past the weather steps up and then up through the stone gate with the fire above. You are coming now east of the forest at.

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Find the sword in the eastern forest

Run to the Storage Statue with the golden platform next to it and look for a signpost to the east that you follow. Defeat slime in the area behind. The stairs are clogged, so continue to the right. The red-headed swordsman is your strongest opponent yet. But he also swings wide for his harsh punches. Hit your stick once or twice and then walk away. Repeat this until he dies.

Sweater: In Ostwald, go down this ladder to flip the lever that opens the sword gate.

Then go up the stairs, over the railed gate, to go down the ladder on the other side. Flip the big lever and you can reach for the sword. This, in turn, opens up new avenues for you, as you can now cut through the bush that stands in your way – and of course, it’s also easier to defeat the enemies that attack you.

Find the sign and key of the old house in the outside world

After you finish in Ostwald and the eastern bell rings, you still miss any sign and in fact you can miss it completely if you do it wrong. So be careful:

You can find the shield by unlocking the ancient house on the upper world map. But first you need a key. You can find it by following the path marked on this map.

But watch out, he is guarded by a very powerful swordsman. You don’t have to fight it though, because it’s not very aggressive. If you’re quick, you can also grab the key and then throw it out of reach.

Then to the house. On the north wall is a secret passage. Behind her she runs to the right and comes to the room where the sign is on the floor. Don’t just look, but snap too!

Excellent, you now have everything you need to really start your adventure.

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