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Cologne / Pforzheim (dpa / tmn) – Are you looking for a wedding ring? It’s hard to talk about directions here. Because trend is what newlyweds love — and in the long run. Tastes vary a lot, but there are still some general characteristics of buying rings:

Trend 1: Unique pieces for life

The design is often timeless and not very simple. Unusual and creatively designed rings are popular with those who want to get married, according to Joachim Dunkelmann of the Federal Association of Jewelers, Jewelers, and Watches.

It’s also often important for couples that their rings are unique, says Guido Grohmann of the Federal Association of Jewelery, Watches, Silverware and Related Industries. They can be individually configured on the screen in a specialized store and then produced specifically for a couple. But there are also courses in many places where grooms make their own rings.

Trend 2: Engraving 2.0

The most individual thing in a ring is the engraving. Of course, the wedding date and the name of the partner should not be missed for many. But there is much more that is possible: symbols, patterns, sayings, the imprints of handwritten notes. “Fingerprints or a QR code can also be obtained,” Grohmann adds.

An alternative is the inscription halves. For example, a code of two parts or a text divided accordingly is distributed on each of the wedding rings. This could be a line from a poem, a song, a heart, or a slogan that you designed yourself.

Trend 3: stacking rings and puzzles

Engagement ring, wedding ring, eternity or eternity ring: Such fittings are required for couples, says expert Grohmann. Women especially love to wear these rings on one finger for special moments in a relationship.

Narrow and small shapes are so common that ring binaries and even triple rings don’t look too heavy. A wedding ring can be a little wider and more luxurious for a woman who wears it than an engagement ring or later tokens of love. Tip: If your wedding ring has a stone, it should stand out as a cushion cut.

Another fashion idea is the serrated ring shapes. “These are zigzags on one side of both partner rings so they fit together like a puzzle,” says Dünkelmann.

Trend 4: Platinum and Gold

Marriage is special. As well as their code. “People want high-quality rings as a sign of mutual respect,” says Joachim Dunkelmann, describing a trend in wedding rings. Precious jewelry metals such as gold and 600 or 950 platinum are currently the preferred choice.

These combinations are 60 or 95 percent pure platinum, one of the most valuable jewelry materials. It is very strong and less prone to scratches than some other metals. The classic also meets the zeitgeist: the 585-gold yellow gold wedding band. “Alternatives to that are rose gold, hazelnut gold, and other warm colors,” says Grohmann.

Trend 5: Combination of two materials or two colors

Two-tone rings came into fashion. In technical terms, this is called “dichromatic”. This can mean two different types of gold alloys, such as white gold and yellow gold in one ring, or different materials with equally different colors. According to the expert Dünkelmann, an example is the black carbon elements in the usual minerals.

This is accompanied by an increase in the demand for designs with black stripes and patterns. This is not new, but there is a new partner to the collection with which jewelry designers are playing: Instead of contrasting black, silver and white elements, it is now combined with warm yellow gold and rose gold.

How do you take care of your wedding ring?

Over time, the wedding ring loses its luster. Guido Grohmann of the Federal Association of Jewelery, Watches, Silverware and Related Industries recommends treating the piece with a polishing cloth.

The jeweler will also polish the ring to remove scratches and edges. He has special tools for this, and there’s not much you can do on your own. Tip: The jeweler can use this opportunity to check if the stone is still in the frame.

Don’t always wear it

Even if they are made for the eternity of a joint marriage, the rings are used in daily activities and their appearance deteriorates over time.

That is why the German Jewelery and Watch Association advises that you take off your jewelry before washing dishes, washing hands, applying make-up and shaving. Because cleaning agents and cosmetics can attack the surface, especially if they contain chemicals. Residues can be deposited where the stones are.

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