Far Cry 6: Everything you need to know about hunting, baiting and fishing

who – which Hunting in Far Cry 6 It is a topic in itself and is not available from the start.

You must first have completed the “Fuel Revolution” quest. This opens a regular, no-frills rod that allows you to do what fishing rods use: pull fish out of the water.

The fishing rod can be equipped in the weapon wheel (bottom left), but it is of little use if there is no water nearby. Sure, you can also throw them on the floor, but what’s the point, huh?

Look for brochures or other documents that sometimes indicate where different types of fish are caught on a world map.

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Hunting controls in Far Cry 6

Just go to a body of water, stand in front of it with the equipped fishing rod and throw it. This is the basic principle of using fishing gear, but that alone will not bring you a big catch.

The basic controls for owners work as follows:

  • R2 / RT: Cast your fishing rod – the higher you look up or into the distance, the more the line will fly.
  • L2 / LT: Retrieve the fishing rod – press and hold the button to speed up the retrieval process.
  • R2 / RT with fish on the line: Fish Hook – Press this button once the fish has bitten.
  • R3 / RS: Fight the movement of the fish – use the stick to tire the fish while retrieving them.

How do you catch a fish?

very easy. Let’s illustrate it with a simple example: draw the line with R2 / RT and you can see where the fish is swimming or in which direction it is heading based on the small waves. If he gets close to the bait, that’s great, he’s sure to bite right away.

Otherwise, you can also press L2/LT briefly to move the bait and alert nearby fish. Once one is connected, press R2/RT once to start pulling. Now hold L2/LT and move the right stick in the direction indicated.

It always goes against the swimming direction of the fish to tire them out. So you slowly but surely bring it towards you and finally get it out of the water.

ImportanceNot every fish can be caught with every bait. If the thread continues to break, despite a great deal of effort and the correct direction of pulling, it may be worth choosing a different bait in the tackle box.

Tackle Box: Change bait, reels and fishing line

Suitable fishing spots are often marked with a fishing hook symbol. On site you will then find a red tackle box that can be used to slightly modify the setup for fishing. You have four fields that you can fill in with parts.

bait area

  • simple tasteAvailable from the start
  • float condom: For access to deep water fishing grounds offshore (1x gunpowder + 8x recycled fortifications required)
  • Hydrodynamic taste: Increases draw speed (requires 1x gunpowder + 8x recycled clips)
  • Persistent aftertaste: fish take longer to eat bait (1x gunpowder + 8x recycled stabilizer required)
  • tempting taste: Hard-to-catch fish bite faster (requires 1x gunpowder + 8x recycled fasteners)
  • steaming bait: Fish speed will be reduced (requires 1x gunpowder + 8x recycled attachments)

role field

  • simple roleAvailable from the start
  • professional role: Moves fish faster (requires 2x gunpowder + 8x durable gaskets)
  • expert role: Tires fish faster (requires 3x gunpowder + 3x circuit boards)

fishing line field

  • simple wireAvailable from the start
  • professional line: Increases fishing line strength (requires 2x gunpowder + 8x heavy duty gaskets)
  • expert rope: Significantly increases fishing line strength (requires 3x gunpowder + 3x circuit boards)
In the tackle box, you can customize your rod, make new lures, and swap reels and line.

Change the appearance of the angel

At the bottom left of the treatment box you can change the appearance of the penis if you value these things. The following possibilities appear here:

  • fishing lane: A simple rod for simple fishing needs
  • greenAvailable from the start
  • redAvailable from the start
  • camo: Unlockable upon request
  • He went: Openable with two spray cans

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