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This year too, you can get a lot of good deals on Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day & Co..

Cyberweek comes every year (with Black Friday big and democratic Internet Mon small conclusion) and with it a veritable avalanche of big sales campaigns. At the end of November, all stores large and small will once again offer deep discounts on everything you can imagine. So you don’t lose track, we have a little guide for you here, where you can find out what you should consider, what products are worthwhile and what Black Friday actually is.

Black Friday – a tradition from the USA: Where exactly the name came from is not 100% clear, but it is certain that it falls on the day after Thanksgiving each year. This festival is not celebrated outside the United States, but the tradition of launching big Christmas shopping is now popular on other continents as well. On Black Friday it is usually Biggest discounts of the year To find retail only, and even if you originally only participated, most online retailers have now jumped in the shopping cart.

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Black Friday 2022: These stores have deals

In general, you’ll find Black Friday deals at most major online stores, but some start early. media market And Saturn For example, last year’s intense bargain campaigns began on Singles’ Day on November 11th. So if you’re looking for a cheap tech of any kind, it’s worth taking a look at it. The range then will be somewhat wider Otto And ebayAnything you can buy can be found here.

When it comes to variety, of course, no store can keep up Amazon Stay the way you are there were also weeks ago last year Early Black Friday Deals. You don’t even have to wait until Black Friday, because before that you can already Prime Day save. There are tons of deals that are exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers. We can’t say exactly when this event will start, and we think it could be in June.

If you gamble on PC, you should keep an eye on stores alternatesAnd Mindfactory And cyberport to have. In 2021 there were some really good deals for computers, monitors, and peripherals, and we can expect compelling deals this year as well.

Important: always compare prices, even on Black Friday

Whether it’s Black Friday, Singles’ Day, or Prime Day, one rule always applies: compare prices! Even if the offer looks good, it is worth taking a look at the competition and/or comparison platforms. If a product gets a bigger discount on the one hand, it doesn’t have to be directly cheaper, because the base price can vary from store to store.

In order not to fall into other traps, we have a small guide ready about the various risks involved in such events:

Warranty, Returns, and Counterfeit Stores: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Black Friday


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Black Friday Graphics Cards: Finally Less RRP?

Graphics card prices are slowly dropping. We dare to make a sharp prediction: On Black Friday the current forecast will be RTX and Radeon cards Give under RRP. There is no guarantee of this, but given the current price development and the fact that there are offers at RRP in some cases, we have high hopes. In any case, it is worth taking a regular look at different stores, because there are always graphics cards that appear reasonably affordable:

Mindfactory graphics cards

Purchase recommendation: These products are worth a look

With the sheer amount of offers, it’s always hard to tell which products are actually worthwhile. A look at comparison sites, reviews, or GameStar buying tips usually helps, but we’d like to recommend a few things here that are definitely worthwhile with corresponding discounts.

Expensive graphics cards? Gaming laptops are the answer

Even if we hope that graphics cards will get cheaper – they are also very expensive at MSRP. Unlike before, there are now cost-effective gaming laptops out there! You can often get it as a complete system with an OS and all the bells and whistles almost cheaper than an equivalent graphics card. MSI Bravo 15 z. B. is currently available for just under €1,000 on MediaMarkt, and a handmade PC of the same quality would cost much more.

If you also take into account the fact that some of these mobile devices have dropped in price on Black Friday, there are really good deals waiting for us.

MSI Bravo – Powerful Gaming Laptop

The right screen for new devices

In order to properly exhaust the new hardware, you need a proper screen. These deals are usually always on sale, and Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day & Co. are very good opportunities to get a screen.

Since especially expensive monitors are especially worth it at discounted prices, we can recommend you to watch LG UltraGear 38GN950 to have. With a resolution of 3840 x 1600 by 37.5 inches, a response time of 1 ms, and a refresh rate of 160 Hz, it offers everything a gaming monitor needs. If you’re looking for cheaper hardware, you’ll find more recommendations in GameStar buying tips:

Best gaming monitors of 2022


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LG UltraGear 38GN950 at Amazon

PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2022: No discount in sight

Although the Xbox has at least been a little more available lately, chips are still in short supply. There’s still a few months until Black Friday, but we don’t expect widespread availability, let alone discounts on new consoles.

But we expect it PS4 And Nintendo Switch Significantly reduced price. However, it is possible that older Xbox consoles will not be offered much, since production of the previous generation has already ceased in 2020. However, Xbox fans do not need to grieve, because S series. Often available in cheap packages. So it’s a prime candidate for a worthwhile deal.

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