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Many people also yearn to unwind in culture. But accidents warrant caution. Cultural institutions in the North have very different views on the subject.

by Anina Pomerinki

The end of all measures against the Corona virus: what day could it have been? With lavish hugs, get-togethers, and people dancing in the streets. Music, joy and cheer around the defeated virus. Now, two years after the Corona pandemic, the picture is calmer. Because the number of injuries is high and the number of severe cycles causes headaches for many people. Even if more is essentially possible again, many federal states are currently expanding some precautionary measures.

While some are really looking forward to the end of Corona rules and can’t wait to take off their mask, others feel sick just thinking about it. Cultural institutions in the North also have very different views on the topic of mitigation.

Celle Art Museum: Masks still mandatory, more on-site exchange

who – which Kunstmuseum Celle is pleased that more is possible again, but at the same time remains cautious in accordance with the current state decree. According to coordinator Julia Otto, it is currently unlocking according to third-generation specifications, and masks are still mandatory. They see themselves as a platform for exchange, discussion and participation. At the same time, when asked by NDR Kultur, they wanted to act responsibly to protect health and life.

One notices that the public has a great desire for art and culture and a deep need for encounters and food for thought. So we are particularly pleased that there are more opportunities to live once again at the site. The Art Museum wants to respond to this by offering events and workshops to children, adults and youth in order to bring the local exchange back together.

Literaturhaus Hannover hopes for a positive response in the future with 3G

This is a little less optimistic Hannover House of Literature. Because even from these facilities, only a slow revival of operations is expected, according to Director Catherine Dettmer. Despite the better vaccination rate, the public is increasingly unstable due to high incidences, so Dar Al-Adab has again recorded a decrease in visitor numbers since the beginning of March, although the third generation is in effect again. In addition, we should not forget that the damage caused by a two-year pandemic can suddenly not be repaired.

Detmer points out that contacts with the public, niche industry, regional networks as well as politics have been greatly reduced. Some things have to be rebuilt. The bottom line is that employees are currently more exhausted than jubilant. After all, it was very difficult to maintain a cultural show despite all the limitations and to manage this in terms of staff and finances. All that remains is to continue working with commitment and hope that a positive response will return home before 2020 sometime.

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There are more positive feedback from Lubeck Theatre. Theatre’s managing director, Caspar Sawad, is pleased that Corona restrictions are being reduced further. His home is already noticing the first positive effects. Sawad does this above all with the success of new productions “The Last Ship” and “Madame Butterfly”: “The audience’s astonishing response shows that people want to engage in public cultural life again.”

A scene from the musical with actors.  © screenshot

video: Sting’s lyric “The Last Ship” in Lübeck (3 min)

Landesmuseum Hannover sees “pent-up desire for culture and museums”

That seems relatively neutral Lower Saxony State Museum in Hannover against the possibility of mitigation. Speaker Dennis von Wildenradt does not expect significant effects. In his opinion, it could still make a difference if the controls at the entrance were abolished. However, he considers that, in principle, the third generation and the obligation to wear masks is a good measure, so that every visitor feels safe.

The size of the house, through which one can “walk” undisturbed, is also an advantage. He is personally pleased to see families come to the fairs. His autobiography: “There was a pent-up desire for culture and museums” – in his opinion, a possible facilitation would not change this.

Literaturhaus Hamburg with 3G base: Guests have different opinions about relaxation

Also for that According to Caroline Loehr, Literaturhaus Hamburg wouldn’t change much at first. The 3G rule is currently applied in the building and the hall is not used to its full capacity. The control at the entrance can only be deleted, because Hamburg wants to stick to the mask requirement for now.

Guests have different opinions, according to the Loehr report: “Some complain that a mask must be worn and therefore sip constantly, while others are happy that everyone wears a mask because it makes them feel safer.” The stage that theater guests see similarly. At the same time, the team quickly got used to almost an entire hall again! “It’s nice to be able to welcome people into the Literaturhaus; we don’t want to miss that.”

However, all events will continue to be presented as a live stream. A show that can be particularly interesting for the vulnerable. It is still doubtful, given the current number of infections, that they would still be in events if there were more mitigation measures!

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...and sometimes the Seal Museum of Art shines in orange.  © Sil Art Museum

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Theater Lübeck © Olaf Malzan

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Olga Grigasnua at a reading at Literaturhaus Hannover © NDR Photo: Julia Beyer

Literaturhaus Hannover devotes its program primarily to the leading medium of book and promotes art. external

View of the State Museum in Hanover from New Town Hall © Axel Franz / NDR Photo: Axel Franz

Not far from the Maschsee, the largest state museum in Lower Saxony invites you to take a trip around the world. external

Reading at Literaturhaus Hamburg © Literaturhaus Hamburg

Literaturhaus Hamburg is the cultural partner of the NDR Kultur. Current readings and dates can be found here. external

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