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How is the music selected in NDR Kultur? What does it look like behind the scenes and what do the moderators do while the music is playing? We asked ourselves and other listeners these questions at a dialogue event organized by NDR Kultur.

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by Linda Egger

Many people from northern Germany are connected via video conferencing. Friendly faces smiling at the camera from different squares on the computer screen. Take a look at the listeners’ living rooms and sit with them in a comfortable armchair or on the sofa, or look at the large bookshelf or piano in the background.

NDR Kultur presenter Misha Cresscott enjoyed exactly this feeling: “I find it very good to be at the desk when streaming and then messages come through Messenger or in the app. I have a good feeling now that I am with the people who are currently in. It was a privilege here. We were taken To the living room, we saw our listeners, we saw where they live. We’ve heard what their interests are—and it’s incredibly motivating when you know: They listen to us.”

The dialogue event was fun for the listeners

The dialogue event was also exciting for listeners, including Ricarda Sievers from Hildesheim. I thought it was great to see how the music really works in NDR Kultur and who is behind the sounds. “I think this is an open station and I think it is very good to organize this event and that you also saw faces at the same time. I think it is a sign of modernity to be close to your listeners.”

Great exchange with listeners

Program director Anya Wurzberg, music director Bettina Taheri Zacher, and moderators Philip Schmid and Misha Kriscott were there to answer questions – their ears were open and they took notes diligently. For Misha Kriscott, it was a wonderful exchange. “Overall the people were very open minded, very friendly, but above all they showed a wide range of interests and that it was organized like that really surprised me.”

Lively and open dialogue, this is how Anya Würzberg described it. Everyone in the audience had an opinion, not just once. Among them was Andrea Hessler from Hamburg. “The staff made a clear impression on me, and they were very easy to reach. I received a lot of suggestions and tips, so some of the things and programs that were mentioned that I was not really aware of. Now I will try more to get into this program and also give a broader perception.”

Listeners’ suggestions and wishes

In short, there was a lot of talk about NDR Kultur’s music mix, although many listeners initially said they liked listening to Bach and Beethoven, but eventually they wanted to too. AC/DC and The Beatles, French Chanson, Scandinavian Jazz.

However, everyone had the feeling that listeners were being heard and given a voice. 34-year-old Nils Otti from Bruxtedt in Schleswig-Holstein had the same impression. “I consider NDR Kultur to be very open to listeners’ suggestions and the exchange to be desirable. I find it very positive that the Program Director and Music Director are very open and this creates a very positive image of NDR Kultur for me.

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Nils Frevert with guitar in microphone at NDR Kultur studio.  © NDR Photo: Claudius Hinzmann

With its concert series, NDR Kultur supported musicians in northern Germany. It will continue! It starts on April 20th. more

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