1.4 million want to know what Lisa from Browno is doing

Over 1.4 million followers on TikTok. Over 1.4 million inhabitants – equivalent to the entire population of Upper Austria. Browno’s Lisa Posselsbacher has always been a star for many. The 19-year-old no longer has to be surprised when young people are standing in front of their parents’ house and want to see their room. Because she often keeps her followers up to date with her daily life – with short videos about school, hair coloring, her dog Charlie, her thoughts, and often also about mental illness and her therapists. Followers thank her with likes and comments. I would like a picture with her if they recognize her on the street. “They have a great relationship with my life, so they often see me as a good friend,” says the 19-year-old. But she does not allow strangers into her room. Fans understand that. Very young followers are often the ones who haven’t given much thought to it.

Even the dog, Charlie, is recognised

Very calmly and honestly, she spoke about her life as an influencer that morning in her parents’ dining room, which differs significantly from other girls her age in many ways. Just go to the outdoor pool? Probably not, she is often photographed and photographed without her knowledge. The same goes for walking the dog Charlie. He even recognizes it when he goes out with her parents.

Why do you follow so much? She doesn’t know the exact reason. But with her short, honest, self-deprecating videos, she seems to have gotten on the nerves of the times. It all started completely differently. “I’ve always loved making videos. At first, TikTok was more about music, so I made videos with music and uploaded them to my friends,” she says. I loved it. At one point, she decided to just shoot and upload with her own voice, with no background music. “I posted it and then had a doctor’s appointment. The way I thought I’d delete it again, no one cares. After the appointment, thousands of people watched it,” she says.

Lisa talking to Lisa

So I kept going. Your idea at the time? soliloquy Lisa talking to Lisa. I’ve been doing this for about a year and have been able to gain more and more followers. “And then it wasn’t fun anymore, so I did something else. Now I post whatever comes to my mind,” the 19-year-old said. She is not naive because she is well aware of her responsibility. “I’m very careful about what I say because I know I’ve affected a lot of people,” she says. This is also its supreme creed when it comes to cooperation with companies.

Because of course they have become familiar with the influencer of their size for a long time. A manager in Vienna helps her find her way through the forest of inquiries. “I just want to get into collaborations with the companies we looked at earlier,” she says. “Companies with a bad reputation or opaque supply chains are collapsing.” She couldn’t come to terms with that with her conscience. What would you never promote? Meat. She says, “I’m a vegetarian.”

She’s been making money with her TikTok profile for a long time – and good money at that. “I’m thinking of hiring someone to help me out a bit,” she says. Because in addition to a tax advisor, manager, and dad helping with bookkeeping, she could use more support.

Your gadget: your smartphone

She wants to continue filming and free herself — even if the “cutter” experience is good, “I want to be responsible for it myself,” she says. All she needs is her cell phone. But it needs time. She wants to take it after graduation, for a year she will devote herself only to social media. “I often had to work night shifts, but that’s not possible in the long run,” she says. After that she can imagine studying. “I don’t know how long it will last,” Lisa says.

She takes a break from social media from time to time. “Then the first queries come, am I ok anyway,” she says, happy with the support she has provided. Because the “haters” also exist. “But then I feel sorry for them,” she says, and she doesn’t take critical comments very seriously. Because it is still positive that outweighs.

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