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Everyone who looked at the grass in the Grünwalder Stadium after the final whistle saw something hidden with so many happy and beloved people. For example, the lion captain Quirin Moll, who took the captaincy from the replaced Stefan Lex. He thanked Mole for the referee duty and later fell to the ground. Or Rolf Meyer, the well-respected goalkeeper coach at VFL Osnabrück. Meyer hugged his players and smiled so happily that his gray mustache grew as far as possible. Then he waved to fans of Osnabrück in 2000 who traveled to Munich from Lower Saxony on Easter Saturday.

In the table, 1860 Munich and VfL Osnabrück are neighbors. But after the Guests won 3-2, some now have a tailwind in the promotion race – and others actually no longer have a chance to realize their dream in the second division. With four games remaining, the Lions are now nine points behind in third place. How likely is the 1860s to come back again? The dachshund is more likely to outperform the greyhound in the 100-meter race. or? “As long as something is mathematically possible, we will not raise the white flag,” said Günther Gorenzel, managing director of Löwen. purple sports. This could be described as fighting if the explanation is helpful.

Coach Kollner is avoiding the question of whether he will honor his contract until 2023

However, the Lions had to put up with the real people question of why they weren’t enough again this season. Coach Michael Kollner, who watched the match from the stands due to a yellow card suspension, did not want to analyze the season at the press conference. All he said was that his team was “still chasing the poor preliminary round”. The coach sidestepped the question of whether he, Kollner, would honor his contract, which runs until 2023. distance From the season “All Topics”.

Kollner has been with the Lions since November 2019. He strengthened the team after the departure of the burning steamer Daniel Perovka and led it to fourth place last season. Kollner is known to be friendly and efficient, and the third-tier club should actually be lucky to have a coach like him. However, the question arises whether it will be successful to establish the Lions (only?) at the front in this league. What if you can’t ask for more, from the coach and from the players. Before the big games of the season, Kollner often said his team was an outsider, sometimes “blatant intruders”. He may have spoken differently internally, but far from the image of the little lions who just got lost in the adult circuit, it is bypassed, and in fact, the 1860s have won only once in 11 duels with the top 7 teams. Kollner, a talented sponsor, could have publicly demanded more of his players – because pressure can also make you strong, optimistic anyway.

Or is the coach perhaps making the most of the teams available to him since 2019?

The fact that the team played a poor first half of the season was also due to the controversies surrounding the self-centered Mulders.

The fact that his team played a poor first half of the season was also due to quarrels over selfish Sasha Mulders, who was finally released in December. No replacement was brought in, which puts the sport’s director on charge. However, Görnzel said he is short on funds. Be that as it may, lions are rightly moving in the zone between 4th and 7th in the spring of 2022. If they are promoted, who will have a stable form in the second order? Responsive goalkeeper Marco Heller, veteran Lex, dangerous Marcel Barr, fighter Yannick Deichmann, seasoned Richard Neudecker? In important games, such as the Osnabrück showdown, Neudecker sometimes plays with a magical cloak.

The year 1860 showed an acceptable match against Osnabrück. Top scorer Mark Haider was offside at 0:1 (24), which Gorenzel was aware of other questionable refereeing decisions in the past (and a stat from the gate lega3 online) led to the saying that 1860 was “high on the agenda for bad decisions.” Of course, he didn’t mention that Steen benefited much from bad decisions. Moll, who made up a bad pass, and Fabian Grellinger, who was unable to follow striker Aaron Opoko (35), missed the second goal he conceded.

The Lions fought back, which the spectators appreciated, and returned when Eric Tallig scored a low shot before the break (41 minutes); And when Barr equalized to make it 2-2 after allowing Maurice Trapp to run into the void (59th place). Because Lukas Kunze scored 3:2 for the guests (79) and Braunschweig beat Würzburg, the gap at the top was too big. or? “Now I don’t even know how many points Braunschweig are left,” said goalkeeper Heller after leaving the hidden object.

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