Mobi: The Underdog Famous Among Live Streaming Services

We all know that: On Friday evening, you’re sitting in front of the TV or your laptop and wondering, “What should I watch tonight?”. Sure, Netflix has released another new original production, but is that any good? Or watch your favorite movie for the thousandth time? Moreover, you have seen it all on Netflix. A quick Google search shows an article by Netzpiloten offering alternatives to Netflix, there might be something in there. and in fact, Moby (Click here to go to the page) It looks promising. It is better to watch a movie today if it is already recommended. Then you don’t have to look away. Pop some popcorn and a relaxing movie night can begin.

I met Moby through Instagram. A user who specializes in vintage clothing advertised on the cinema page. Since I have seen a passionate movie, it was only natural that I took a closer look at it. A special offer that gives you three months for free for one euro. The first movie I saw on Mobi was a 70’s science fiction animated movie “Wonderful Planet”. Intrigued by this bizarre event with shimmering colours, I knew: I’m in the right place!

The founder of Mobi is a Turk named Yves Jakarel. Çakarel describes himself as a movie buff. The idea for Mobi came to him when he was sitting in Tokyo and “in the mood for love” wanted to look. But there was no website to stream the movie. Cinematic art and classics are rarely part of a streaming service suite, so he made his own. In February 2007, the site, which was still in existence at the time, collapsed Authors It was called online.


You can stream Mubi with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick (commission link)

What is that?

Mubi is a streaming service like Netflix. But with few commercial movies on display, the site specializes in art house movies and classics. Where the scope of Netflix, iTunes and Co ends, Mubi begins. The site describes itself as “your own mini cinema, anytime, anywhere.” (Quoted from Mubi’s website). However, according to Moby, he does not see himself as a competitor to cinema. The goal is to bring movies closer to people.

Films are available in the national languages ​​of the country of production, sometimes in German and often in English. But there are always subtitles, if not in German then in English. As Boon Joon Ho said in his acceptance speech at the Academy Awards: Once you get past the one inch subtitle barrier, you will be watching many great movies.”

In terms of price, Mubi is almost on par with its competitors, the streaming giants Netflix and Amazon Prime. Mubi’s monthly contribution is 9.99 €. For students or as an annual subscription, there is only 5.99 €. Amazon Prime Video is available for 7.99 € per month. There is also a student discount here, because they pay only 3.99 euros. However, Amazon Prime Video does not include many movies available on Amazon and must be purchased separately. To make matters worse, Amazon shows ads from in-house productions before their videos. The equivalent Netflix subscription (on two devices that can be streamed in HD at the same time) already costs €12.99. There is no student discount here. A detailed comparison of Netflix alternatives can be found here.

the range

Of course, what makes Mubi so unique are the movies shown on the site. Moby is currently driving 756 titles. Among the notable winners of the Oscars “yield” or Kieślowskis 3 tricolor.

But there is something for every taste. Horror films by John Carpenter are shown alongside romantic and documentaries about the universe – narrated by Brad Pitt. Movies that can only be found on Mubi because they’ve been shown at festivals, for example, but are very special for the general market, are also made available in the “Mubi Releases” section.

At the moment, the selection of films on “Mobi” is still limited. Just over 500 titles out of over 21,000 titles can be viewed in Germany’s Mubi database. However, the database also aims to index all movies ever released. On the other hand, Streaming Show is a carefully curated program for movie lovers.

Mubi works on these devices

You can stream Mubi on almost all devices. In addition to the most popular browsers on Mac and PC, there is also an app for Smart TVs, TVs and smartphones. The selection of controllers is currently limited to PlayStation and Nvidia Shield. Mubi is also available via Amazon Channels and Skyticket. You can find a detailed list in this overview. If you want to watch movies on the go, you can also download them in advance and watch them offline.

What makes Mubi unique

What distinguishes Mobi is not only what it offers, but also that many films are only available for a short period of time. Every day there is a new one Today’s movie, which can then be viewed for a month. Moby is like a menu for movie lovers, where something new is served every day. This also prevents the viewer from browsing the site for hours in the hope of finding something suitable. If you don’t like today’s movie, you can also watch others, because not everyone is affected by the 30-day limit.

In addition, unlike Netflix, you can write real reviews here and also see reviews of other users. Moreover, lists can be created that users can also follow. Perhaps the most followed list is Mubi’s Top 1000 Movies. You can also follow other users and then view and rate the movies they have watched. This creates a real network of movie and film lovers.

In addition to films, there is also a “notebook”. This is a blog-like part of the website where you can find new articles for movie lovers every day. Here you can read about film festivals, individual films, and more.

One feature that I particularly appreciate is that you can gift films. After you finish watching a movie, Moby asks if you’d like to give it to your friends. To do this, enter the names and email addresses of up to three friends, who will also receive a free 7-day subscription.

home cinema

Moby is clearly convinced of his concept. The site can proudly announce that even Martin Scorsese belongs to its members. Scorsese directed, among other things good guys And The Wolf of Wall Street.

Also other well-known directors like Barry Jenkins And Thomas Paul Anderson (Only with Licorice pizza in cinemas) expressed their enthusiasm for the live streaming service and pledged their support. More than 10 million people in more than 200 countries use the website that brings cinema to your home. Because, as the site acknowledges: “Cinema takes place on screens of all shapes and sizes.” Mubi is like a treasure chest with new content that he reveals to you every day.

Watch Mubi with Amazon Fire TV Stick (commission link)

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