“Apache Stays the Same” Documentary about Apache 207 on Amazon Prime

“Apache Stays the Same” Documentary about Apache 207 on Amazon Prime

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Dart mission: NASA rehearsing “Armageddon” scenario

However, if a real danger arises from space – however improbable it may seem based on the current state of knowledge – the human race is still relatively helpless and has no chance. Especially if the approached object is of a certain size. The danger of an asteroid hitting Earth is very real. (Source: solarseven … Read more

Who still reads Ernst Ginger today? Especially men – culture

Ernst Ginger was not weak. “He took cold baths every morning until he was old, which was hard for him,” said Rudolf Augustin admiringly in his obituary. The flexible attitude attributed to the writer is not only attractive in times of rising energy costs. Talking to pupils has a high potential for excitement. He is … Read more

Elias Mubarak: “One is often put in the wrong light” – Cinema

Elias Mubarak and Jonas Nye are among the stars of “Alf Khatt”. In an exclusive interview, the actors talked about their roles and good journalism. Starts September 29ththousand linesIn German cinemas. Michael “Bully” Herbig (54) depicted the scandal surrounding Spiegel author Claes Relotius. Journalist Juan Moreno had tracked down his colleague at the time. The … Read more

Amazon Freevee launched

Note to our readers:We create product comparisons and deals for you. To make this possible, we receive commission from partners. Streaming services are on their way to replacing traditional television. More and more people are choosing a service like Netflix or Hulu to watch movies and series and be able to create their own TV … Read more

These series and movies start on Friday, September 23

Did you watch the last episode of your favorite series? Fortunately, Netflix has a regular supply. For each month, the streaming giant publishes a list of highlights that expand the show. Including series, movies, documentaries and popular shows. We’ll list what’s coming soon here. Read more after the announcement Read more after the announcement New … Read more

Music to lose yourself in

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You have to go here at the weekend!

This time we recommend pinhole legends, ghost piano, crime stories, urban dangers and electro-acoustic music. Theater of Control: Legends with Holes In the theater you first notice that reality and fantasy are equal and cannot be separated. Who can suppose to separate imagination and experience? Both require shaping so they don’t fade. Still at war, … Read more